Behind Shivpuri colony(Indra Awas colony), Haripur Bachhi, Halduchour(Lalkuan)
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CEFA is a team of dedicated professionals working cohesively at grass root level towards improving the employability of the people of uttarakhand by imparting them meaningful skill based education and the much required continuous guidance and support post training.

Uttarakhand with a population of 101.16 lakhs as per 2011 census has a high literacy percentage of 79.6% , approximately 5.5% points higher than the all India average but the sad part is that 2011 census reveals migration from the all the hill districts of the State with a mere population growth of 5% against national average of 17% . Few district for eg Almora and Pauri reflect negative population growth -1.73% and -1.51% respectively. This reflects the absence of livelihood opportunities in the hills and yearning for a better quality of life leading to massive migration of the youth of uttarkhand to big cities in other states. Situation is even grimmer in rural areas with land holdings decreasing and agricultural yield not being sufficient to even provide two meals to the entire family.

In remote areas of Uttarakhand living conditions are poor with even the basic amenities like availability of drinking water, sanitation hygiene, electricity, medical help, education, connectivity are scarce leave alone local employability. Youth are migrating to the plains or bigger cities with only the aged and women left back, struggling for even the basic amenities.

Employment opportunities in the state are very limited and very few can be accommodated in government jobs or existing industries in the region. Temporary contractual employment in SIDCUL industrial belt is available but there too many feel exploited by the contractor/placement agency.

Youth from Uttarakhand are offered contractual employment for 1-2 years in the industries and then later shown the way out. Only option left for them is to migrate to other states for a living.For most, survival in big cities is not easy either. Saving for the future is far fetched as there is little left after paying all mandatory expenses like high rental, fooding, travel etc. It is again a hand to mouth situation for an average person in most cases.

At CEFA we are working to find a way out of this situation and are contributing to help the people of the region live a better and happy life.